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0 on March 15, 2016

Today, I was both shocked and dismayed to hear three “journalists” whining that they did not know how to stop Donald Trump.

All three complained that Trump was too “long-winded”  and it was impossible to force Trump to answer their questions because “Trump changes the subject” rather than answer questions.

Excuse me!  Excuse me!

Donald J. Trump is the easiest type of person to stop/expose:  All you need do is listen, then, respond, in video, with his own words!  The man LIES every 5 minutes!  And, more importantly, he ALWAYS tells the same lies – they’re on a loop!

But, here’s the truth:  There is not one single journalist courageous enough to do what needs to be done!   Why?  Because they are afraid of the backlash from Trump, they will not do what they know needs to be done.  They don’t want to contend with a Trump-rant!

Donald Trump is a schoolyard bully!  I refuse to do nothing and tacitly enable this smarmy human being to single-handedly poison America!

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